About Menage Design

Menage Design is a design studio specialized in the conception, creation and development of brands. Dedicated to providing a personalized service tailored to each project, meticulous attention is paid to every detail so as to ensure excellent results. This thorough work ethic, combined with our relentless drive, has enabled us to serve a long list of prestigious clients, from a diverse range of areas, over the last 20 years.




The studio

Central and well communicated; Menage Design is located-at street level- in Barcelona’s Gràcia neighbourhood. Founded as a studio in 2006, in the past it was a family shop. Nowadays, we have a pleasing place to work and develop new ideas and projects for our clients.




Established in 1870

Menage has an historical tradition dating back to the nineteenth century. The business started in 1870 as a family shop and five generations have been passed through more than 140 years. In 2006, Francesc Ribot decided to continue with the family business from a different perspective: setting up his own design studio. 








Since 1995, the graphic designer and art director, Francesc Ribot, has combined his job career with teaching at the country’s leading universities and design schools such as Eina, Elisava, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Bau and many others.




Also publisher

 In order to go into the profession in depth, Menage has a small publishing house called Marque de pose. Every year, since 2008, a volume from a collection of books is published. They are  compilations of Graphic Art, gathered under a specific theme  from different artists.




Menage Design has created a blog, called Colecte, where old graphic collections online are posted and classified by a wide range of categories like  art, books, packaging or typography. It is a good resource for finding references or just for remembering and reliving past times.